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Foundation for Police Research , a not for profit organisation is a replica watches uk Platform which seeks to advance the science and technology in the practice of policing in India and abroad. This will be achieved by introducing the rolex replica latest system of measurement and feedback that captures organizational excellence. This Platform is an endeavor to aid and influence formulation of rolex replica policies for building a strong and prosperous India towards maintaining peace and tranquility in the society through policing and defence studies. This Foundation is hublot replica managed by a team of leading Police, Defence Scholars and Academicians, supported by the operational expertise of a respected advisory board of international repute. Basic objectives for which FPR has been formed are as follows:

  • To Carry on Research and various studies for Government agencies and facilitating them to formulate policies and procedures.
  • To impart specialized training on various aspect of policing.
  • To organize conference and workshop and specialized short term courses.
  • To publish specialized and research oriented Journals, books and periodicals and to encourage young generation to write more on these subjects.