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Foundation has its own magazine named “COPS TODAY INTERNATIONAL”. This Magazine contains various articles and latest relevant news on various Policing activities, Technology and stories. It is being circulated to all Police Officers, Government Officials, Paramilitary &other Civil Forces. Apart from Forces, It circulate to Defence Industry, Homeland land Security Industry, Industrial Security Industry & security professionals etc. The magazine is India’s one and only publication which will serve Police, Armed Forces and other Security Agencies as well.

The magazine highlights on the followings:


  • Technical Articles
  • Police & other Forces News
  • Case Studies
  • Events
  • Product qualifying technical articles
  • News & Interviews
  • Company Profiles & Product Info

FOCUS OF THE MAGAZINE : Defence, Homeland Security & Policing, Fire Safety, Security Systems,Road Safety,Medical Safety, Electrical & Escape Lighting,Flameproof Safety Equipments, Environment & Disaster Management etc.

READERSHIP : Police Forces, Armed Forces, Army, Forces Academies, PSUs, Navy, Safety Directors, Safety Consultants, Safety Heads, Fire Officers, Technical Directors, Purchase Managers, Project Heads, Bank, Business Colleges.

CIRCULATION IN SECTOR-WISE : Police & Other Forces Department, Forces Academies, Power sectors, Defense Installations,Oil & Gas & Refineries, Chemical & Fertilizers, Petrochemical & Pharmaceuticals, Electrical & Electronics, Atomic Energy, Cement, Mines, Shipping, Textile, Railways, Banks & Insurance,Architects, Consultants,Contractors,Traders, Hospitals, Municipalities, Educational Institutions, etc.

Editorial Board:

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